Abolish War!

The Life and Times of A Peacemaker


Peter Avram Zuckerman

Submitted to:

The Turner Tomorrow Awards

Copyright 1990 by Peter A. Zuckerman

Dedicated to:

Sandra -- who shared my life
Roza -- who gave me life
Irmgard von Neurath -- who saved my life

Table of Contents


Part One -- The Old World

Chapter 1. Life with Mother
Chapter 2. Growing up in Budapest
Chapter 3. In a Small Town
Chapter 4. Auschwitz and Other Concentration Camps
Chapter 5. Rescue and Liberation
Chapter 6. To America

Part Two -- The New World

Chapter 7. Arrival and Adjustment
Chapter 8. In the Army
Chapter 9. Education and Marriage
Chapter 10. Washington and the Future
Chapter 11. Taking Preventive Action
Chapter 12. Obsession and Mission
Chapter 13. Building the Infrastructure

Part Three -- The United World

Chapter 14. Getting Started


Chapter 15. Gaining the Presidency
Chapter 16. Starting the New Administration
Chapter 17. Start of the New Abolition
Chapter 18. Progress and Momentum
Chapter 19. Redrawing the Map
Chapter 20. The World Development Plan in Action
Chapter 21. From Earth to Mars
Chapter 22. Start of the New Millennium
Chapter 23. The End of the Mission



A. War and Peace Policy Alternatives
B. Implementing Warless World 2000