Florrie was looking anxiously at the three doctors studying the monitors and charts. The charts summarized the past week's results of Paul's progress. Physically, his body was repairing itself. But he was still in a coma. Even worse, his brain functions were beginning to slow down.

Florrie could tell that the doctors were concerned. Suddenly the chief of the emergency room turned to Florrie. "Mrs. Friedeman, we have to do something special. The trauma of the accident apparently caused your husband's mind to withdraw. We want to you to authorize a new treatment. The Johns Hopkins Medical School in Baltimore is working on using a new drug with electro-shock treatment. Their preliminary results are promising."

Florrie was frightened as she pondered over her reply. What would Paul do in a similar situation? Then she had the answer. Paul was always willing and eager to try new things. Her reply came quickly. "Please go ahead. I am sure everything will be all right."

Once again Paul was in the operating room. He was only barely conscious of his surroundings. He suddenly felt a tremendous shock in his cranium. The powerful jolt accelerated his cerebral functions. Instantly, Paul was propelled into the visualization of the future.



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