Exhibit I.

Advancing Human Survival

Current Arrested Development and Human Devolution New Human Development and Human Evolution Trends
First Brain thinking (emotional, tribalistic) New Brain thinking (logical, civilization-supporting) Needed to counter the tribalistic mindset that is emerging in Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, etc.
Closed societies Civil societies Part of global trend toward democracy
Authoritarian governments Democratic governments Many authoritarian regimes in Africa and elsewhere are now challenged by democratic forces
Power-hungry politicians People-serving politicians 19 million Americans voted for Ross Perot in the 1992 election -- mostly against the Washington "gridlock"; term limits were considered in 14 states
Special interest politics National interest politics Congressional election reform demand challenges special interest politics
Repression of human rights Fostering of human rights Democratic countries and the UN strongly support human rights
New World Order New Human Order Recommended by UN Development Program
War institution enlarged War institution downsized The end of the Cold War is now resulting in reduced military spending
Bad, brutal military Good, decent military In democratic countries the role of the military now includes humanitarian and environmental roles
Mass destruction weapons Non-lethal weapons The Pentagon plans to spend $148 million on non-lethal weapons research
Resources wasted on military and diverted from human needs Resources transferred to meeting human needs Much support is emerging for a "peace dividend" and increased investment in infrastructure, education, health, etc.
Lack of economic, social and political development Continuing economic, social and political development Main purpose and function of civil societies
Uncontrolled population growth Sustainable population growth Public opinion and many organizations support population control
Continuing environmental destruction Halting and reversing environmental destruction Again much public concern about the environment.
Outcome: Danger of extinction of human species Outcome: Assured survival of human species


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