Lack of national goals and purposes

(Ref. 101)
Problem Components
Policy issue area: Values
Policy issue: Public morality
Description: Threats to national survival, prosperity and societal well-being continue to increase, because of lack of political leadership and direction.
Symptoms: In foreign affairs, floundering from crisis to crisis, plus world-wide militarization. Within the economy, a continuing condition of decline relative to our allies and trade partners. In our society, a growing fragmentation along economic class and ethnic lines. Nationally, almost half of the eligible voters abstain from participation in presidential elections. Worldwide, much of public opinion looks at America as a source of problems, instead of solutions.
Causes: Lack of concerned, involved political leadership. Existing political leadership contributes to a condition of governmental ineptitude and incompetence, and a loss of governmental direction and authority. Complexity of problems and issues owing to growth of populations, economies, political and social systems. Finally, voters that frequently allow themselves controlled by "fear and greed" appeals.
Cost of problem: -
Solution Components
Resources: Universities and research institutes; religious organization.
Goal: Restore America's status as the world's leading economic power, model of democratic values, and leading advocate of human survival.
Program area: Social development
Program-remedy: 1. Grass-roots, concerned citizens' support of transforming, moral leadership on the presidential level
2. Using the nation's intellectual and moral resources to develop and implement:
a. the U.S. Grand Moral Strategy for our foreign affairs
b. the Common Good Covenant for our national revival.
Program-prevent: 1. Increase emphasis on teaching moral values in our schools
2. Create voter education programs to involve our citizens in understanding national/world problems and opportunities
3. Restore public morality and societal cohesion by promoting human survival as a major issue and program
4. Shape and advocate public policies and programs in accordance with fundamental American values of democracy, peace, liberty, equality and justice.
Cost of program: -
Beneficiaries: Citizens of the United States; world population.

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