Lack of a national Grand Strategy

(Ref. 201)
Problem Components
Policy issue area: Politics
Policy issue: Foreign policy
Description: The U.S. does not have proper objectives and continuity in world leadership, essential for conducting an effective foreign policy.
Symptoms: Loss of a sense of control over the future; world economy is functioning less well than it could; continuing arms race; not linking needs of less developed countries for economic assistance with reduction of armaments.
Causes: Political parties are unable to come up with a formula for effective, moral leadership; lack of informed planning and foresight function in the government; lack of transforming presidential leadership; insufficient cooperation and coordination with allies.
Cost of problem: Huge waste of resources for excess defense (up to $150 billion per year).
Solution Components
Resources: Universities and research organizations; concerned citizens and organizations.
Goal: Conduct the foreign affairs of the Republic to achieve true security -- based on a strong economy and moral leadership.
Program area: National security
Program-remedy: 1. The U.S. Grand Moral Strategy
2. The Common Good Covenant.
Program-prevent: Development of effective national foresight capabilities, within the executive and legislative branches.
Cost of program: -
Beneficiaries: Citizens of the United States.

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