Government effectiveness and efficiency

(Ref. 205)
Problem Components
Policy issue area: Politics
Policy issue: Political system
Description: Poorly functioning government organizations.
Symptoms: Bureaucracy; inadequate delivery of services; steadily climbing costs of governmental operations.
Causes: Lack of political leadership; excessive civil service protection.
Cost of problem: -
Solution Components
Resources: Government civil service; universities and other educational institutions.
Goal: Develop a well-functioning system of government organizations delivering needed services effectively and economically.
Program area: Political development
Program-remedy: 1. Transforming presidential leadership buttressed by the Human Covenant economic and social programs
2. Strengthening the management techniques of planning, accountability, controllership, financial and operations management, strategic and organizational analysis
3. Continue improving the human resources available by better recruiting, training and motivating the civil service.
Program-prevent: Continued monitoring of the effectiveness and efficiency of governmental organizations, and applying appropriate remedial techniques.
Cost of program: -
Beneficiaries: Taxpayers; recipients of government services.

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