Lack of good job opportunities

(Ref. 309)
Problem Components
Policy issue area: Economics
Policy issue: Labor
Description: Lack of growth in the economy and foreign trade competition combine to restrict favorable employment possibilities to many.
Symptoms: Growth of the lower paid service sector; decline in many well paid unionized industries; chronic unemployment and underemployment remains high at 16 million; failure of tens of thousands of small businesses; real weekly income of workers declined by 10%; millions of manufacturing jobs were lost in the past decade.
Causes: Business and government policies that eroded the growth and competitiveness of American industry; decline of small businesses.
Cost of problem: -
Solution Components
Resources: Universities and other educational institutions; business and industry; entrepreneurs; workers; Federal, state and local governments.
Goal: 1. Raise the standard of living and improve the quality of life of every American
2. Prevent unemployment from rising above 3%
3. Create an economic environment conducive to private investment
4. Foster the growth of small businesses, as the major contributors of jobs and innovation to the economy.
Program area: Economic development
Program-remedy: 1. Government support of new financial institutions, to stimulate the formation of new business, and the expansion of successful ones
2. A national program of Human Resource Development, to educate and train a productive workforce for a complex and rapidly changing economy -- including worker training credits
3. Fair share of Federal R&D funding and purchasing contracts to small businesses
4. Assistance to small and medium size businesses in export expansion, through export promotion centers and formation of export trading companies
5. Interim assistance to the unemployed, including: (a) extended unemployment benefits; (b) health insurance; and (c) mortgage assistance
6. Computerized national job bank.
Program-prevent: 1. Promote research and development to discover, develop, and disseminate new technologies and products
2. Increase substantially investments in education, to improve the skills and training of our future work force.
Cost of program: -
Beneficiaries: Workers; small and medium size businesses.

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