Decline of the family

(Ref. 406)
Problem Components
Policy issue area: Society
Policy issue: Family
Description: Societal trends and economic pressures weakening the traditional family.
Symptoms: Families with children are losing ground in income; more working mothers and single parent households (20% of American families are headed by female breadwinners); high divorce rate; rise in spouse and child abuse; 800,000 out-of-wedlock births per year.
Causes: Waning of the nuclear family; the sexual revolution; need for married women to work; slow growth of the economy; increase in poverty due to Administration policies; budget cuts in the human services programs.
Cost of problem: -
Solution Components
Resources: Business and industry; Federal, state and local governments.
Goal: 1. Provide special support to families headed by women
2. Diminish long-term dependence on welfare
3. Support economic development that is conducive to family formation and continuation.
Program area: Human resources development
Program-remedy: 1. National child care program, to be administered by states
2. Restore and expand work incentives for welfare families
3. Target child care and job training to families headed by single women
4. Provide unemployment benefits, health care, retraining and other services to the long-term unemployed heads of families
5. Provide tax incentives to families
6. Maternity leaves and health care for all families.
Program-prevent: 1. Early childhood education and health programs
2. National program for economic development and growth.
Cost of program: -
Beneficiaries: Women; children; families; business and industry.

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