Decaying urban infrastructure

(Ref. 501)
Problem Components
Policy issue area: Cities/regions
Policy issue: Cities
Description: Serious disrepair of municipal water systems, sewer networks, streets and roads, and other components of the urban infrastructure.
Symptoms: Failing water mains, sewer system breakdowns, bad streets and roads, subway problems, etc.
Causes: Inadequate upkeep of aging facilities, caused by lack of municipal finances; underinvestment in urban amenities; inability of the national and state governments to provide financial support (public spending on infrastructure went down 30% from 1960 to 1990).
Cost of problem: -
Solution Components
Resources: Federal, state and local governments; construction industry; universities and research institutes.
Goal: Improve the habitability and economy of cities and communities through proper maintenance and repair of the urban infrastructure.
Program area: Urban development
Program-remedy: 1. A national commitment to increase capital spending by 100%
2. A National Investment Program, to channel pension fund assets to projects
2. Coordinate respective roles of Federal, state and local governments
3. Increased support for research and development.
Program-prevent: National program of infrastructure development and maintenance.
Cost of program: -
Beneficiaries: Business and industry; residents of urban areas.

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