Toxic waste

(Ref. 505)
Problem Components
Policy issue area: Cities/regions
Policy issue: Environment
Description: Contamination caused by 250 million tons of hazardous waste generated annually is mounting a major threat to public health.
Symptoms: Polluted and contaminated surface, ground, and drinking water supplies; significant increase in cancer rates; 5,400 toxic waste sites at Federal facilities alone.
Causes: Unregulated industrial processes; improper disposition of waste into municipal dumps, landfills, and ponds; lack of enforcement on the part of the Administration.
Cost of problem: -
Solution Components
Resources: Federal, state and local governments; universities and research institutes; waste disposal industry.
Goal: Control the use and disposal of hazardous waste.
Program area: Ecological development
Program-remedy: 1. Provide funding to identify and clean up established waste sites
2. Develop permanent, safe disposal methods
3. Strengthen laws designed to protect the environment, water resources and people from unsafe dumping and storage of hazardous waste materials.
Program-prevent: Improve and toughen hazardous waste disposal regulations to make producers of toxic waste dispose it properly.
Cost of program: -
Beneficiaries: Residents of contaminated areas.

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