Lack of a comprehensive national science policy

(Ref. 601)
Problem Components
Policy issue area: Science
Policy issue: Science policy
Description: Insufficient utilization of science to solve national and world problems.
Symptoms: Frequent adverse effects of scientific discoveries; misuse and waste of scientific research; lack of focus and direction of research; growing anti-science and anti- technology attitudes; continued (and in some cases growing) national and global problems where science and technology are not used properly.
Causes: Lack of political leadership; lack of interest or involvement on the part of scientists beyond their own field.
Cost of problem: -
Solution Components
Resources: Universities and research institutes; Federal and state governments; scientists.
Goal: 1. Encourage scientific inquiry that serves the broad public interest in all publicly-funded research
2. Encourage publicly-funded research in the areas posing the greatest problems and threats to human existence.
Program area: Knowledge development
Program-remedy: 1. Develop mechanisms for setting priorities, to direct the focus of scientific inquiry toward urgent problems, and away from self-serving interests
2. Create institutional mechanisms to evaluate the value and returns on scientific research.
Program-prevent: 1. Preserve and expand the human resource base for science through education grants
2. Cooperation with scientists world-wide to reduce duplication of effort.
Cost of program: -
Beneficiaries: Business and industry; human populations world-wide.

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