Global mismanagement

(Ref. 704)
Problem Components
Policy issue area: World
Policy issue: Society
Description: Incompetent governments in many countries contribute to economic mismanagement, and environmental damage.
Symptoms: In many Third World countries economic growth and agricultural productivity slowed down, and even started to slide downhill; unchecked population growth; famine conditions exist in places; massive environmental damage results in desertification and floods.
Causes: Lack of democracy favors power gaining or retention by incompetent centralized governments and corrupt bureaucracies; applying unsound development policies; lack of family planning.
Cost of problem: -
Solution Components
Resources: Governments of industrialized countries; universities and research institutes; world organizations.
Goal: Improve political and economic management through appropriate development and technical assistance aid.
Program area: World social development
Program-remedy: 1. Increased development assistance, with conditions for making necessary changes in economic, agricultural and population policies
2. Develop improved systems of government with checks and balances to prevent corruption and mismanagement
3. Provide management training modified for local cultures and conditions
4. Make development assistance conditional with reduction of military expenditures.
Program-prevent: Coordinated global development under guidance of a World Authority.
Cost of program: -
Beneficiaries: Populations of Third World countries.

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