Hailfingen: Auxiliary Camp of the Concentration Camp Natzweiler-Struthof

Opened: After September 26, 1944

Closed: April 4, 1945 (last mention)

Deported: 111 sick prisoners to the auxiliary camp Vaihingen/Enz; In the middle of February the largest part of approximately 100 prisoners were transferred to the auxiliary camp Dautmergen, the remaining likewise in camps in the area Balingen (camp of the "Gruppe Wüste").

Prisoners: 600 Jews, who were imprisoned before in the concentration camps Stutthof, Auschwitz and Natzweiler Struthof. They were assigned the prisoner numbers 40448 to 41047.

List of prisoners: Nummernbuch.pdf

Gender: Male

Employment of the prisoners: Organisation Todt Construction Supervision Tübingen, Building Site Hailfingen; Company Franz Kirchhoff, Stuttgart; Company Gardner & Son; Company Haere; Company Matte; Company Meyer

Kind of the work: Built a runway, a road and a railroad track; constructed barracks and halls; the largest part worked in the quarries Hailfingen and Reusten; a few worked in a tailor shop.

Remarks: The prisoners were accommodated in a hangar on the airfield. The auxiliary camp exhibited an extremely high death rate. The prisoners were abused and murdered to a substantial extent. Although "only" 144 dead ones were registered -- based on the original number of 600 prisoners, after 111 were transferred to Vaihingen/Enz and approximately 100 "evacuated" -- the number of deaths must have been closer to 400.

Notes: "Between Tailfingen and Hailfingen in the years 1937 to 1945 an airfield for nightfighters existed. For its extension and repair, starting from 1941, first Soviet prisoners of war and then Greek forced laborers were employed. In the autumn of 1944 an auxiliary camp of the concentration camp Natzweiler/Elsaß was established. 600 Jewish concentration camp prisoners were forced to labor here under inhuman conditions, which were intensified by air raids. More than half of the prisoners (about 390) died at diseases, malnutrition, epidemics and the miserable accommodations. Some of the dead ones were taken to the Reutlinger crematorium, others buried in the airport area in a mass grave." (Vorländer, Herwart: National Socialist Concentration Camps in the Service of Conducting the Total War, Stuttgart, 1978.)

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